• Shinemann Battery with LCD Touchscreen
    Compatible with a wide range of Inverters, such as Growatt, SMA, and Victronic. The regular 4.8kWh model is very popular among our customers, and it can be customized with 9.6kwh


    Leading edge smart monitoring system with the LCD touchscreen

    With the LCD touch screen design, it is more convenient to check the battery management system information on the computer, saving time to protect the battery in an emergency.

    Compared with conventional button control design, Shinemann lithium solar battery is not only modern and stylish, but also more convenient and effortless.

    High-quality lithium solar battery, longer service time

    With quality cells, Shinemann battery is a deep cycle battery with more than 6000 times life cycles at 80% DOD.

    Intelligent Battery Management System

    Up to 15pcs lithium solar batteries in parallel for more energy storage

    It is supported to connect as many as 15 pcs lithium batteries for your solar energy storage system.

    RS232/RS485/CAN ports with PC communication

    Different brands of both off-grid and hybrid inverters are supported

    Shinemann battery is equipped with an inverter protocol conversion module, with remote protocol upgrade support available. The supported inverter brands list is being longer, which is one of our advantages compared with other products.


  • U-P48100X-6 Telecom Battery
    Functions of BMS1、Over charge detection function2、Over discharge detection function3、Over current detection function4、Temperature protection function5、Short circuit detection function6、Balance functionApplication1、Electrical vehicles2、Solar/wind energy storage system3、UPS, backup power4、Telecommunication5、Medical equipment6、Lighting...

    Functions of BMS

    1、Over charge detection function

    2、Over discharge detection function

    3、Over current detection function

    4、Temperature protection function

    5、Short circuit detection function

    6、Balance function


    1、Electrical vehicles

    2、Solar/wind energy storage system

    3、UPS, backup power


    5、Medical equipment