• 9.6Kwh Power Wall Battery
    Shinemann Power Wall battery is tailored for solar storage system and is a new generation of green energywith advantages of high energy density, ultra-longcycle life, well temperature property, excellent safetyproperty, high reliability. suitable for large - scale station and residential energy storage system.

    LifePO4 Lithium Technology

    1、High energy density

    2、High operation reliability

    3、Long Life Span

    4、Maintenance Free

    5、Easy installation

    6、Parallel connection is available

    7、Intelligent Management - Built-in Smart BMS

    8、All-around communication functions

    9、LCD Display

    10、Comply with IEC62619, TUV, ROHS, UN38.3 Standard

    11、Life > 10 years @25C

    Smart BMS Protection

    1、Cell voltage monitoring

    2、Charge/discharge current monitoring

    3、Hardware & software double protection

    4、Discharge control

    5、Charge control

    6、Balance Temperature Monitoring

    7、Work Status Indication LCD &LED lamp

    8、PACK Voltage Monitoring

    9、Failure alarm

    10、Dry contact

  • U-P48100X-6 Telecom Battery
    Functions of BMS1、Over charge detection function2、Over discharge detection function3、Over current detection function4、Temperature protection function5、Short circuit detection function6、Balance functionApplication1、Electrical vehicles2、Solar/wind energy storage system3、UPS, backup power4、Telecommunication5、Medical equipment6、Lighting...

    Functions of BMS

    1、Over charge detection function

    2、Over discharge detection function

    3、Over current detection function

    4、Temperature protection function

    5、Short circuit detection function

    6、Balance function


    1、Electrical vehicles

    2、Solar/wind energy storage system

    3、UPS, backup power


    5、Medical equipment