• Shinemann BP Off-Grid Inverter
    Shinemann BP Inverter is 230V AC output voltage off-grid inverter for backup power and self-consumption application. Maximum PV input voltage up to 450V DC. Also it can work without battery to saving system investment cost. New update: PV input up to 22A, support the new 500W+ solar panel.


    •  Rated power 5KW

    •  MPPT solar charge controller to maximize the solar output, MPPT  

        ranges 120V~430V, 450Voc

    •  Pure sine wave AC output 

    •  Overload, short circuit and deep discharge protection

    •  Configurable AC/ solar input priority via LCD setting

    •  Compatible to mains voltage or generator power

    •  WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring (optional)

    •  Parallel operation up to 6 units for 3 phase system

    •  PV input current up to 22A

    •  Can work with or without battery

  • Shinemann SHP series High Frequency Off-Grid Solar Inverter

    Main Features:

    •  Rated power 5KW, power factor 1.0

    •  Built-in MPPT solar charge controller

    •  High frequency inverter with compact design

    •  Pure sine wave AC output

    •  Configurable AC solar input priority via LCD setting

    •  WiFi/GPRS remote monitoring

    •  RS485/CAN communication for BMS

    •  Parallel operation up to 6 units