• Engineering Machinery
    Our company mainly engaged in aerial work platforms‵design development, production and sales. provides high-quality, low cost aerial work platforms for customers as their responsibility. Our company continuously improves existing products and at the same time producing new products to meet different needs of different customers. The product has the characteristic of novel design, smooth up and down and safe operation, and so on. Our product widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, highways, airports, ships and electrical power industry and so on for high-altitude inspection and maintenance, installation, maintenance; warehouses, docks, production line of cargo load and unload, transportation and stocking; Stadiums, halls and other high buildings‵layout, decoration, maintenance and cleaning work, can greatly improve its work efficiency.Our company has large-scale cutting, bending, welding, painting and other specialized equipment and strong technical expertise team of engineers and professional after-service personnel. Our company has a sound organization structure; personnel have good practical operation ability, effective organization of production and reliable logistics. Our company has production, sales and rental service, provides the most suitable equipment and services for different customers.